Want to support
a young person’s
mental health?
Download the free*
Combined Minds app


Want to support 
a young person’s
mental health?
Download the free* Combined Minds app

About Combined Minds

Combined Minds is an app developed for teenage mental health charity stem4 by Dr. Nihara Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, to help families and friends support young people with their mental health.


When a child or young person has a diagnosed mental health condition, families and friends want to support them in the best way but also know when to step back. Combined Minds uses a ‘Strengths-Based’ Approach which has been shown to be effective in recovery. This approach focusses on the positive attributes of the person and builds on resourcefulness and resilience.


A shared harness can balance or protect a climber and help catch them when they fall. Keep on partnering so they can climb tall.


Combined Minds helps families and friends to find ways to provide the right environment to help the individuals they support affect their own change. As important influencers in the lives of young people, this provides positive impact on their mental health.


A ‘Strengths-Based’ Approach works both ways, also helping families and friends to search for their own strengths.


Please note the app is an aid in treatment but does not replace it. Please help the young person you are supporting to see their GP. stem4’s Asking For Help leaflet on their Resources page provides help on how to book a GP appointment.



“There are so many parenting guides and talks I was quite certain I wouldn’t learn anything new. However, the term ‘A Strengths-Based Approach’ caught my eye and it made me think differently about how to handle a problem”. (Ric, father)

“I was worried about my friend when we couldn’t meet at school during lockdown because he gets very depressed. We filled his safety net together and I have a copy of it on my phone so we can remind ourselves of what we need to do when things get hard”. (Rob, friend)

“I’ve never come across an app like this for parents.
Clear, useful instructions on things to do when you get stuck”.
(Rossana, parent)

Licensing Opportunities

Want to create a customised version of Combined Minds for your organisation? 

Click here to find out more or get in touch to build your tailored solution.

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